Grey RHT Stockings


Grey RHT stockings with reinforced heel toe are 100 percent nylon with shaped leg and foot for a great fit.



Grey RHT Stockings

Grey RHT Stockings Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings are 100 percent nylon with a silky smooth finish.

Features include smooth knit with a shaped leg and foot for a great fit.

These are made on traditional machines in the traditional way to give you the true look and feel of the 1950’s and 60’s Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings.

Nylon Dreams RHT stockings are as original as you can get and are quite simply gorgeous with a beautiful wide welt at the top.

These are non seamed for those occasions when no seam is preferable to the seamed variety.

The Grey shade is a shade that is almost alluring and perfect for your more natural moments.

The reason there there is only one size and one shade is because they are what’s left of a genuine vintage stocking collection.

The stockings are in perfect condition but you’ll see the boards are old and have discolored with age.

So if you’re a size small then this is your opportunity.

Also only you’ll know you’re wearing sensuous RHT stockings and to the rest of the world they could be pantyhose even RHT pantyhose.

But now back to the description, ok so you get the idea these are great stockings at a great price for that great occasion.

We also recommend the use of hosiery gloves to protect your stockings when handling.

Hence this is to prolong their life and ideal for protecting against those sharp nails and rough skin.

Hosiery gloves are also available here on our web site please just click on the Hosiery Gloves link in the menu.


So to conclude the features of these RHT stockings are as follows,

100% Nylon

Reinforced Heel and Toe

Silky Smooth

Available Grey

Only Size Small left in stock hence the great price Only £6.99
Height Chart

Small = 4′ 11 to 5′ 3

Style Code NDRHT01

Additional information

RHT Grey Size